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3rd Generation Family-Owned Farm

Prospect Echo Farm was established in 1935 by Fred Portigue who, with his family, raised polled Herefords, gardened, and ran a small multi-purpose farm. It has been in the family for generations.



Located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, Prospect Echo Farm uses integrated agricultural methods that focus on environmental, social, economic, and inter-generational sustainability. This means we try to optimize the use of local materials and resources, recycling farm waste as much as possible, practicing intentional soil and water source conservation, as well as engaging in sustainable transformation of our farm products.





Bob Portigue spent his summers working on the farm with his grandfather, Fred Portigue. After graduating from West Point, Bob pursued a 23 year career in the Army, after which he transitioned to a second career as an operations research analyst and systems engineer. Returning to the family land, restoring it to the farm of his youth, has been a dream for Bob. His greatest goal now is to putter about the property, fixing fence lines and watching his garden grow.




Krista Rigalo grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York. Many childhood summers were spent working in the family garden. After graduating college, Krista served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines and then  worked in humanitarian aid, peacebuilding, and international development across the African continent. After a 30+year career that allowed her to travel around the world and meet amazing people, Krista is excited to put down roots with Bob and help make Prospect Echo Farm a success.

Family  and  Friends

As we shared our vision for rebuilding the farm, many of our family and friends voiced support and offered help. So, yeah. We're taking you up on that!

New Hampshire Grown

Follow our journey as we re-establish the farm, restoring the pastures and orchard, rebuilding the barn and farmhouse, and restocking the livestock pens. We are proud to use local materials and local craftsmanship to revitalize this family farm. 

We are proud to say: We are New Hampshire Grown.


Our farm's logo was designed by talented graphic artist Tiffany Kulas. In designing the logo, she referred to the classic fonts and iconography of the 1930's, when the farm was established and captured its essence as a multi-generational New England farm with a history of raising Herefords and small livestock. We love it and use it on everything we can!

Contact us if you'd like to work with Tiffany- we highly recommend her! 

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